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About Jameson Resources Limited

  • Jameson Resources Limited is an Australian listed company focused on the development of the Crown Mountain Hard Coking Coal Project located in British Columbia, Canada. Jameson also owns tenements for the Dunlevy Coal Project, also based in British Columbia. 
  • Jameson aspires to be an independent supplier of raw materials committed to safeguarding the environment and contributing to economic and community prosperity
  • Jameson is a pure steelmaking coal Company with the primary focus on its flagship asset the Crown Mountain Hard Coking Coal Project, located in southeast British Columbia, Canada’s largest steelmaking coal producing region.
  • Jameson, through its subsidiary NWP Coal Canada Ltd, is developing the Crown Mountain Hard Coking Coal Project. The Project is strategically located proximate to the electrical grid, gas, all-seasons roads and Canadian Pacific’s rail line. This infrastructure connects the Project to three deepwater ports on the west coast of British Columbia
  • Jameson is actively looking for other steelmaking coal opportunities within the evaluation phase in developed countries with low sovereign risk (i.e. Canada and Australia) to add value and allow the Company to build on its strong foundation of the Crown Mountain Hard Coking Coal Project in Jameson’s pursuit to become a multi-asset resource Company that responsibly supplies raw materials essential to improving people’s lives.

Progressing the Crown Mountain Project Along the Value Development Curve


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