Project History

Exploration in what is now known as the Peace Reach area of Williston Lake (immediately upstream of Peace River canyon) dates back to the 1700’s when the Peace River served as a major transportation corridor for fur traders.  By 1910, the economic potential for coal within the Peace River region was noted after government funded geological expeditions.  Since then there has been continuous geological interest by both industry and government in coal and oil, gas potential in the area.

The present Dunlevy coal license applications comprise selected portions of what was once known as the Dunlevy Project (Utah Mines Ltd; Fullerton and Noel, 1973):  and the Williston Property (Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas Ltd; Ronayne, 1981).  Only minor exploration including geological mapping, prospecting was undertaken as well as limited drilling outside of the project area.   At that time access to the current Exploration Target was limited; subsequently, however, new forestry roads cut across the coal measures exposing multiple occurrences. In 2009 Dunlevy Energy Inc., completed reconnaissance field work including hand trenching which exposed a number of separate occurrences of potential economic interest.  Jameson Resources entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement to acquire Dunlevy Energy Inc. in October 2011.

In December 2013, the British Columbia Ministry of Energy (MEM) issued key coal licenses 418441 and 418442 which cover 2,646 hectares of highly prospective ground.  Finalisation of tenure clears the way for MEM to complete the approval process for the pending Notice of Work (NoW), which includes 34 drill sites on the west limb of the Dunlevy syncline.  Drilling will commence on receipt of the NoW approvals.