The Canadian Rocky Mountains north of the Peace River consist of two linear belts or sub-provinces: the Foothills structural sub-province and the Rocky Mountains structural sub-province.  The Dunlevy property is located within the Rocky Mountain Foothills region of north eastern British Columbia where the Lower Cretaceous Gething Formation contains economic coal seams. North west trending folds are prevalent throughout the region, as are south westerly dipping thrust faults, which bring coal-bearing strata close to the surface in some areas.  

Geological mapping and hand-trenching undertaken from 2009 to 2012 throughout the Project has defined several coal seams over 1.5 metres thick, with the thickest seam measured approximately 3.5 metres.  Whilst no definitive resource or coal quality data is available from within the Project area, the coal bearing Gething Formation is host to a number of coking coal operations and advanced resource projects to the south of Dunlevy.


Qualified Person Statement.

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