Coal measures of the Elk Valley coal field occur in non-marine sediments of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Kootenay Group.  The coal-bearing Mist Mountain Formation rocks extend the length of the Crown Mountain Property. The coal seams are interpreted as equivalents of the Line Creek Coal Mine seams 8, 9 and 10.  The geology on the property is often outlined by the Moose Mountain and Weary Ridge Members of the Morrissey Formation which are prominent cliff-forming markers particularly along the south eastern margins of the project.  Another channel sandstone unit is correlative with the Number 9 sandstone within the Mist Mountain Formation in the Line Creek Mine area.

The Project is divided into three distinct structural domains, each of which is defined by separate mining attributes or geological characteristics.  These domains are referred to as the North Block, the South Block and the Southern Extension.  Each of these domains includes up to three principal coal seams which comprise a total of seven major seams.  The seams are interpreted to be the equivalents of Seam 8, Seam 9, and Seam 10, which are mined at the Line Creek metallurgical coal mine, about 12km to the north of Crown Mountain. 

Geology in The North Block has been classified in accordance with Geological Survey of Canada Paper 88-21 criteria as "Complex", based on its angular and tightly appressed synclinal folding.  A broadly north south trending regional thrust fault separates the North Block from the South Block and the contiguous Southern Extension.  Geology to the south east of the thrust fault has been classified as “Moderate”.